Kaleidoscope of Dreams - livebird15


A75 - 1 365.00 ₽ (26.11.2019, в 17:32:27)
A75 - 1 434.00 ₽ (29.11.2019, в 05:27:25)


Работа выполнена лайнерами 0.1 и 0.3. Формат - А3

Lot 2: Kaleidoscope of Dreams

Author: livebird15

Category: Pictures

Current price

1 434.00 ₽

Lot sold

Auction winner: A75

Delivery from: Россия Москва
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Auction start date: 25.11.2019, в 20:10:35

Auction finish date: 02.12.2019, в 20:10:35

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